About us

Our family have lived in this area for several generations, and know the landscape and view very well. We’ve lived on top of the levee for a while, and for the last two generations we’ve lived on our current farm.

Our farm

Owner Maurits has seen all sides of the life of a farmer: he followed up for his father Cor as a cow farmer, eventually shifted his gaze towards agriculture, and has now started a new adventure in the tourism sector alongside agriculture. There’s a good chance you’ll see him on the field in his tractor from the house you’re staying in…!

Our animals

Seeing as it’s never too late to start a new hobby, what was once a “silly” idea turned into a passion shared by most of the family: Icelandic horses. When staying here you can spot four of them, and the obligatory Shetland pony, in their paddocks on the side of the property. Maurits and Marloes started riding Icelandic horses over a decade ago, and you’ll often find Marloes near the horses, or see Maurits riding over the roads with his beloved horse Pandra. 

Of course, horses aren’t the only animals on the Mauritshoeve. We also have a herd of sheep that grazes on different pastures around or near the farm, two goats who’ll make sure no one forgets them, a few geese, and dogs.

Aside from the domesticated animals, you’ll find a variety of birds that make their home in the rural “polder” landscape. Little egrets, grey herons, a vast array of the usual European garden birds like blackbirds and sparrows, lapwings, several birds of prey…and sometimes you can hear a tawny owl hoot at night, preferring to sit in the trees next to the apartments while out hunting. 

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